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Thank you Ben Mikaelsen and Addie Lillard

This past Friday, I accomplished more writing than I usually do.  I was inspired by two phenomenal people. One, an award-winning author who for 27 years gleaned valuable life lessons from a 750 lb. black bear and the other a 13-year-old who fell in love with said...

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Inopportune Life Lesson #2 – Weddings

I left the house in plenty of time to make it to a friend’s wedding. Plenty of time that is without a traffic jam two minutes from the church. Not wanting to miss the bride’s grand entrance, I ran up the endless staircase leading to the humongous ornate cathedral only...

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Inopportune Life Lesson #1 – Tissues

I guess denial is no longer an option. I’m not quite young anymore. Up until a few years ago, I sang and danced in regional theatre and national tours so when a friend asked me if I would dance in a local production for a fundraiser, I thought, “Sure, why not?...

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