Awkward Moment #1 – Tissues

Awkward Moment #1 – Tissues

I guess denial is no longer an option. I’m not quite young anymore. Up until a few years ago, I sang and danced in regional theatre and national tours so when a friend asked me if I would dance in a local production for a fundraiser, I thought, “Sure, why not? It might even be fun!” After all I hadn’t been sitting on the couch watching Lifetime movies for that long. I was sure that I was still in “dancer” shape.

During the first rehearsal, I figured I should stretch before attempting any real dancing, as my muscles might be a tad tight, but still capable. Never mind the fact that I hadn’t so much as walked around the corner for 2 years.

After stretching out my hips, I took a step. Suddenly my groin tensed and pain shot down my leg. So much for capable. I hobbled through the rehearsal with a pulled groin muscle and rushed to the freezer for ice upon returning home.

The next day, before rehearsal I went to the ladies room and slathered “Icy Hot” to the injured area, spilling some of the “miracle” cream on the floor. Reaching into my purse, I pulled out a tissue and wiped up the mess.  Without a thought, I threw said tissue back into my bag.  Within seconds my crotch was on fire, but surprisingly, the pain had abated. I thought, “Icy Hot rocks!”

The rehearsal space was rather cold that day and my nose was runny.  On a break, I grabbed a tissue from my bag and blew my nose.  I was walking back to the dance floor when the fire ignited in my nose…

Life Lesson- Throw away used tissues….