Of late I’ve been a bit obsessed… ok super obsessed with superhero movies! The dichotomy between the hero and his alter-ego breeds fascinating character study, commentary on our own humanity, and tons of laughs!  How awesome would it be to be SpiderWOMAN! She kicks ass and fights crime all while maintaining a perfect, multi-tasking work/life balance. Ooh Maybe I’ll write that.

Spiderman has always been a favorite of mine mainly because the vast differences between the nerdy Peter Parker and the powerful Arachnid hero with “spidey sense” produced some of the funniest scenes in the MCU.

Yesterday, my appreciation for Spiderman increased tenfold due to a spontaneous meeting over lunch with the original Spiderman trilogy’s director, Sam Raimi!

Since moving to L.A. on my quest to contribute to the industry and tell funny stories, I’ve been doing what the kind people in entertainment call “background” work, otherwise known as being an “extra” in T.V. and film.  In six months time, on countless projects from big budget to small, no director has ever carried his lunch tray over to a table of “background talent” and humbly asked if he could sit with us.

For those of you not in Entertainment, perhaps I.T. people…imagine an ordinary day enjoying your lunch at work, when suddenly Bill Gates asks if he can join you… or I don’t really know your heroes…um…ok. Bill Gates is all I got.

The gracious Mr.Raimi then started a  conversation as two extras and I stared at him, mouths agape.  Although I tried to be cool, it was thrilling.  I think I eventually recovered from my trance, but while talking to Mr. Raimi and learning of our shared love of the duality of superhero personalities, my own inner nerd was screaming, “YOU ARE HAVING LUNCH WITH THE DIRECTOR OF SPIDERMAN! YOU ARE HAVING LUNCH WITH THE DIRECTOR OF SPIDERMAN!”

So thank you, Mr. Raimi for breaking down walls, or trailer doors on set, and engaging with us as colleagues! We love you even more now than before. You sir are a class act;  kind, generous and a shining example of humility for us all!

When I asked him about his favorite projects, Sam, as I call my new best friend:) replied, in a shocking example of his lack of pretention,  “I think a movie called Spiderman 2.”

Yes, Mr. Raimi we have heard of that movie. And we loved it. We were blown away by your work. We admired the director that you are. Now we admire the man that you are, and hope we can emulate your generosity of spirit.