Thank You Lee Daniels

Thank You Lee Daniels


The  powerful film, “The Butler” inspires on multiple levels. I don’t believe I’ve ever experienced a film that imparts so many impactful messages, intentional or not.

The film depicts the life of an African American Butler serving 30 years in the white house under several administrations. While the story does educate the viewers about the life of Eugene Allen (aka Cecil Gaines here,) the deplorable treatment of African Americans through the years, and helps us all to further comprehend the profound meaning of the election of Barack Obama, it also serves to inspire across racial lines. That said, I wish to thank the film’s creator Lee Daniels…

  1. “The Butler” reminded me of the importance of family as I watched Cecil’s family and how deeply they affected each other. Thank You Lee Daniels.
  2. “The Butler” reminded me how important it is to serve our country and that serving our country can be done in a variety of ways as each member of Cecil’s family did so differently. Thank you Lee Daniels.
  3. “The Butler” made me grateful for the family that came before me, beginning with my grandfather(and I’m sure going back further than that) getting on a boat at 16 to come to America from Ireland and work hard for many years as a welder under sweltering conditions, to provide for greater opportunities for his family for generations to come.  Thank you Lee Daniels.
  4. “The Butler” inspired me to want to do my best to honor the work of my grandfather and parents; for them to know their work was not in vain; for them to know that their work inspires me to make the world a better place, and to use all that I have been blessed with to do so. Thank you Lee Daniels.
  5. “The Butler” delivered some powerhouse performances that inspired me to want to move people through enlightening story-telling like never before. If Forest Whitaker and Oprah don’t get Oscars, I will be shocked. Thank you Lee Daniels.
  6. “The Butler” further reinforced my gratitude for all that I have been given and more passion not to waste it. Thank you Lee Daniels..
  7. “The Butler” brought to mind the incredible power of the medium to educate, illuminate, inspire and encourage, confirming my desire to want to do all three. Thank you Lee Daniels.
  8. I am incredibly proud of Americans for making “The Butler” #1. Thank you Lee Daniels.

In Short, Lee Daniels…thank you for “The Butler,” a film that crosses racial boundaries to not only deliver a historical education but serves to awaken us all from our slumber and create some inspiration of our own.