Hi friends!  Welcome to Giggling Storyteller, the place to take a break from stress and smile at some funny true stories!

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If you’re worried about a silly mistake you made, I’m also here to let you know you’re not alone as the accounts of my own good intentions gone awry and awkward moments will attest.


I come from a long line of Irish storytellers who readily laughed at themselves and entertained packed pubs throughout Ireland. (Perhaps the drinks helped both the storytellers and their audiences, but nonetheless, I hear their tales were quite popular.) By the way, if you feel like pouring yourself a stiff or not so stiff drink, now would be a good time. I did say I was Irish.

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Like many actors who get to play, part of me never really grew up! Thankfully that kid in me found improv comedy!  After studying at “The Groundlings” and “Second City” in New York I performed in the improv ensemble “The Grownups Playground”(ironic since I never grew up) directed by Joy Newman of Woody Allen’s “Radio Days” fame.  Suddenly I’m concerned about how many times I’ve said “Grow up.”

As a writer my latest screenplay is entitled, “Growing Up Jersey.” Crap I said it again. It’s a romantic comedy and hopefully will be produced soon!

It’s my hope that you’ll laugh at my self-deprecating tales, realize you’re not alone in your own blunders and in turn maybe even turn your mishaps into entertaining stories too. All while learning to let go a little and find the funny in your foibles!

What You’ll Find Here

I usually post once a week, but if something comes up that inspires me to share, I’ll post more often. The other day, I slipped off my leather seat in Starbucks, thanks to my “resolution to work out but never really do yoga pants,” so you never know when inspiration will strike!  In each post, you can expect a true story of embarrassing, seemingly disastrous situations in my own life, that in retrospect, made me laugh. Hopefully they will not only make you laugh too, but help you to giggle at your own “disasters.”

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Again, I so appreciate you stopping by. I hope you leave feeling entertained and/or encouraged that you’re not alone in your slip ups and that sometimes it’s not only okay to let go and laugh, but to turn said slip ups into funny stories, bringing joy to others.  #Laughterwins!

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Cheers to us and to turning our errors into entertainment! See you at the Pub! 🙂